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Our Culinary Journey

Adapted from the original Burp Bowl Cafe in Manhattan, fer has found our new home in Long Island City. 

Our family secret recipes are created with hometown nolstalgia, and hopes and thoughtfulness about the confluence of diverse culture of our new home in Metropolitan New York.

Homemade with love, we're thrilled to share the authentic taste of southwest China with our friends and neighbors in Long Island City.


Besides our signature rice noodles, the menu also incorporates traditional artisanal southern meat and vegetable small dishes, aiming to satisfy people's taste buds through intimate experience with a myriad of flavor palette.


fer intends to serve growing communities of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, connecting people with intricately made dishes.


From the menu and food presentation, to the modern design of the dining space, fer is the chic hang out neighborhood destination that welcomes everyone. 

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